Destination: the journey. So much land, under your feet, outdoors. Choose a path, mountain or city, natural or cultural, a selected offer of unique experiences, handed down through many generations. From the streets of Porto to hiking in Picos da Europa. Adventures to come!

Available for companies, individuals, small groups and friends. Its benefit, our memory, that we want to share. We are experts, knowledgeable of the city and friends of the mountain. We will be your guide through our heritage.

We provide discoveries through original and certified itineraries. We work closely with people and local businesses, so that you feel a part of the places you visit.

What matters the most is the road ahead of you and not the place you reach.

Be Outside possesses human resources with qualifications in the areas of Tourism, Low Mountain Guide and Marketing Management.

We have been walking through Mountains and Cities since 1994, curious of stories of our culture, knowledgeable of various territories, and developing our training over this time.

Of all the training we went through, we highlight: Studies of Porto, Trekking, Mountaineering, Monitors for Adventure Parks, Progression Techniques in snow, ice and alpine techniques.

Mountains, rivers, cities, country villages for the summer (Brandas) and winter (inverneiras) are our destination, always looking for another adventure, another path.