Terms and General Conditions

“Be Outside” is a registered brand referring to services provided by sole proprietorship Luísa Conceição Campos Pinto Macedo, Tax Number 130 998 532, Registo Nacional dos Agentes de Animação Turística no. 192/2015, with work address at Rua Calouste Gulbenkian, no.231, P5-H4, 4050-145 Porto.

The present contractual “Terms and General Conditions” aim to establish the basis by which the provision of tourist entertainment and complementary services established between Luísa da Conceição Campos Pinto Macedo, henceforth identified as Be Outside, and its clients will occur.

The present terms and conditions are complemented by the specific conditions presented to the client(s), regarding the programme(s) they subscribe to and, when different, prevail upon these.


    Be Oustide´s responsibility is transferred, by bestowal of insurance contracts, both established with Companhia de Seguros Allianz Portugal, S.A., as listed below:

    • Personal Liability Insurance – Policy no.203106441; and
    • Personal Accident Insurance – Policy no.203106429.

    Be Outside is not responsible for accidents/damages occurred/suffered during the activities planned and organized by Be Outside, but whose guidance and effective monitoring of clients rests with its “commercial partners”, identified as such in the Specific Terms, its workers and/or collaborators.

    That which is stated in the preceding paragraph does not enable Be Outside from providing its clients all the information related to its “commercial partners” when requested and available, with the intent of collaborating in clearing possible liability of the latter, without this constituting the assumption of liability.

    Be Outside is not responsible for the damage of the client’s personal belonging(s) during the course of the organized activity, hence does not accept any deposit regarding it.


    Contracting services from Be Outside implies, compulsorily, the materialization of a reservation, made via online form at the site, by telephone or e-mail, with recourse to the number(s) and e-mail publicized in that site.

    By registering in an activity, the client must anticipate payment of part of its value, which will be detailed in the respective specific conditions’ policy and its terms, and must send confirmation of the respective payment to Be Outside’s e-mail, publicized in the site, subsequently receiving written confirmation for the reservation’s acceptance.

    The remaining amount, if existent, should be settled in the first or only day of the activity, before its start, with Be Outside or any of its workers or collaborators, identified as such.

    Be Outside reserves the right to cancel each and every registration in which payment has not been fully made in the aforementioned conditions, or in the specific conditions , reverting in its favour the amounts anticipated by the client(s), as payment for expenses incurred, organizing the activity and/or compensation of “commercial” partners, if existent in each specific case.

    By registering, the client assumes with Be Outside, the following commitments/statements:

    • Having knowledge and accepting the present terms and conditions of participation, as well as the specific conditions of the programme bought;
    • That is in adequate health condition for the programme and accepts its nature, namely the risks arising from the difficulties related to accessibility and impossibility of immediate health assistance, with the inherent potential consequences;
    • That is aware of the physical, cultural and psychological demands that the activity may involve and that may lead to unforeseen situations;
    • That will scrupulously follow the rules of conduct and instructions of the Be Outside guide and/or Be Outside’s commercial partner´s guide, with respect for own safety and that of other participants;
    • That will never move away from the group without previous knowledge and authorization of Be Outside’s guide or its commercial partner;
    • That will watch over the good use and preservation of all equipment provided by Be Outside and its commercial partners, returning it in the state which was originally given, under penalty of incurring expenditure for its repair or replacement;
    • Proceed with full payment of the reservation made, regardless of the number of participants submitted by the client and the reason given for non-attendance or inability to benefit from provided services, unless explicitly stated otherwise, in writing, by Be Outside;
    • Comply with defined schedules for the start of the activity, knowing and accepting that all activities will have a grace period of 15 minutes, at the end of which Be Outside will assume the client has given up the activity, without the right to reimbursement or exemption of remaining value, and without prejudice of the preceding paragraph;
    • Authorise the collection of photographic records and videograms, individual or in group, in the course of the activity/activities and after, as well as its use and disclosure in social networks and /or Be Outside flyers, without prejudice of the above-mentioned disclosure terminates if requested, by means of registered mail, with acknowledgement of receipt, within a maximum of 30 days.

    Be Outside is not responsible for clients’ inappropriate behavior during the course of the activity/activities and reserves the right to, in the event of specific situations, namely that endanger the health and physical integrity of any group participants, to cancel or change the activity or part of it, without it conferring the right to client reimbursement and without prejudice to the liability of potential participants that have broken the imposed rules of conduct.

    Be Outside cannot be responsible for accidents resulting from the recklessness of participants or lack of respect for monitors’ instructions.



    1. 1. Be Outside reserves the right to cancel and/or change the envisaged activities up until 48 hours before its start, by notice to one of contacts provided by the client, if one of the following conditions arises:
      • Not having the minimum number of participants required for each activity;
      • Weather conditions or others make it impracticable or risky;
      • Safety conditions are not met; and/or
      • Conditions foreseen in specific conditions are not met.
    2. As referred in point 1, the client may choose to participate in the rescheduled activity or, alternatively, be reimbursed of the anticipated payment.


    The client may cancel participation by prior and unequivocal communication of its will, in writing, at any moment.

    Cancellation made by the client will determine the foreseen penalties in the specific conditions applicable to the activity, namely the possibility for loss of anticipated value when registering and/or liability for full payment of the activity.